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How To Have Better Worship Services

Hello, Pastor Julian here and I want to share with you three things you can do to help enhance your worship services on Sundays. This video is for the busy pastor and/or the bi-vocational pastor that needs a little help creating more engaging worship services.

1. The Preacher Calendar.

The preaching calendar allows you to have a guide to what you’re going to be preaching every Sunday. It can be help you schedule your sermons weekly, monthly, or even yearly. I’ve actually know some pastors who have their entire year of preaching sketched out. It that helps to get you as the pastor “settled in” on what they’re going to be preaching about so they don’t be so antsy or tense or I’m nervous about your service flow. If you don’t know, you’ll find out very quickly that if the pastor/preacher is tense or nervous, your parishioners will know it and feel it.

2. Schedule Your Worship Music that aligns with your Sermon.

So, after the preaching calendar is set, you need to connect with your worship leader. So let’s say you’re going to be preaching this Sunday on giving, you want to inform your worship leader so the song selection is in line with the sermon. If your worship leader is singing above love, and talking about giving, it can send a weird vibe and get the service out of sync. Or if you’re preaching a strong sermon repentance, and their singing about love, again it may be an issue. Remember your worship Sundays are about a flowing well. Your worship leader should be able to find a medley of songs that help the service flow.

3. Share your Scripture Passage with the Congregation.

Number three is new to me. Rather than letting your sermons be a surpise every week, share with your congregation what scripture you will be speaking from. Send out a message to the membership, ans share with them the passage of scripture you will be presenting from. Ask them to be praying with you regarding the passage. Again, this reduces anxiety and stress and you would be surprise how much more the congregation will be engaged and the service enhanced.

So I hope this helps you out. If you liked this video, please like, share, comment, remember to subscribe to the channel so you’ll see the videos we’re submitting. Until then, be blessed, be encouraged, and Be Empowered.

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